What are the haps

This is what blogs evolved from! Back in the olden days, the first page of your website would be either an introduction to your stuff, or a showcase of your best stuff. An invitation to explore further, basically.

These days, sites always showcase their most recent stuff first, even if the older stuff is still true and useful; since I'm going for a different vibe here, I thought I'd bring back the What's New page and tuck it off to the side.

In the early 2000's I was a web designer and I remember explaining blogs to a client; "You know the What's New page? Well, the whole website is the What's New page, basically. This is the new thing, the whole internet's gonna be like this before long."

Yeah, sorry about that.


Haha here we go, gamedad.club is live with a basic Getting Started page and one article in the Meta section (Game Dad vs phones). Also a grand total of one link and one game rec. That'll keep you busy for a good two minutes.